Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Spring!

What does this post have to do with Frugal Fridays? I'm glad you asked! 
Through the past few years, I've saved a few bucks here and a few cents there to add little things to my yard that would add some beauty as well as be useful.
The lilac for it's wonderful scent is right under my bedroom window so when it's in its short bloom in the spring when the windows are open, it will perfume my house- frugally!
The redbud trees were free and are beautiful in bloom and once they're big enough, the tiny flowers will make for a lovely jelly!
The apple trees (and other fruit trees) speak for themselves, don't they? :)
But- my frugal tip today is- enjoy your home and what the Lord has given you today. It won't cost you any gas or fast food, to simply walk through your own yard and enjoy whatever is in it. Even if it's just dirt! Let the kids dig in it and dig out a race track or bring a little bucket of water and make mudpies if it's warm enough. But the sunshine alone will give you a nice frugal boost this spring, even if you're holding tightly to the frugal wagon of life today!

Anyone know what kind of butterfly this is? Beautiful!

Red Bud flowers. I was hoping for lots more of these this year to make jelly but my trees are still poking.

Heart-shaped Red Bud leaves

Apple Blossoms

Apple buds and blossoms
Feisty Abby
This pup offers tons of free cuddles, licks, hugs, and fun as well! :)


Arden said...

We do have Spring in Ohio but it is shorter than down South. I honestly don't think it is quite as pretty either but I feel a bit disloyal admitting this. I took our yard full of azaleas for granted when we lived in Alabama but those fire ants were awful!!!
Looking forward to more yard (and pup) pictures.

Donna said...

My dh is an Ohio/Indiana native Arden. I used to tease him to move me up North where there's more snow :-)...but perhaps I should be more thankful for my Spring! The humidity is yucky, but I think it helps the plant life down here.
My mom was born and raised in Alabama on the outskirts of Fort Payne.
You guys have been all over! :-)

Fire ants are nasty- ouch!