Saturday, April 7, 2012

Highlights from this month's shopping...

-for $68, I bought a bunch of chicken and divided it up for 16 meals and froze it ($4.25 per meal)
-for $43, I bought enough fish for at least 8 meals ($5.38 per meal)
-for $28, I bought enough ground beef for about 6 meals ($4.67 per meal)
That's one month's meat for $139.

Also bought chicken livers!

Also bought;
50 lbs potatoes
1 bag of spinach
1 large bag romaine
2 bags of onions
1 large bag of carrots
1 large bag of celery
1 large bag of peppers
2 bags of apples
1 box of strawberries
1 box of blueberries
(Praying the garden progresses and helps me towards the end of my shopping cycle!)

Several bags of frozen veggies.

25lbs plain flour
several pounds of cane sugar
2 jars of honey
2 large bags of brown sugar

large cans/containers of;
pizza sauce

bay leaves
sea salt

butter, eggs, milk

Splurges with coupons:
2 boxes of Cascadian Farm Cereal
1 bag Starbucks decaf
3 half gallons of coconut milk
Easter candy

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