Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Thrifty Girl

My dd has always wore dresses. Well- when you have one girl and five boys- you just HAVE to do that! ;)
But summer's here and she wants to work in the garden and so her and her daddy decided it was time to get something with leggings for work-n-play. 
She wanted to by her own get-up with money she earned on ebay. (Told ya she was thrifty!) 
So- where's a frugal mom to take a thrifty girl?
Exactly- the Goodwill! :)
She found the soft and comfy cotton top for .99, the hat for 1.49, and the overalls for $7 that don't appear to have ever been worn before.
and sassy- all in one sweet package!


Joy said...

Aww I love it looks great!! She is a beautiful young lady. My girls also wear leggings or pants when working, you know it sure is hard to haul hay in a skirt and not very modest. It's sometimes hard to be modest with little girls with just a skirt or dress so my girls wear leggings under all skirts and dresses so they can still play and not have to worry.

Donna said...

Thank you Joy! She's spunky in her new get up. I've seen your girls' leggings- love them! It's very hard to keep them modest. I just loved these when she tried them on- not tight anywhere :)