Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today, We Learned About Frogs:

First, as I said on Facebook , I promise no yucky stuff. I didn't even take pictures once we started with the dissection process. Promise! ;) 

These and the crayfish were given to us and we were very grateful for the opportunity to look inside God's creatures to see how marvelously they were fashioned by Him. 
We've taken this week to learn about them, their systems, and things unique to their species. I think the most impressive part is God's design and how their systems work so perfectly together. 
Here's some sites we used to study first: one, two(great 'virtual' if you don't want to do the real thing but need this for Biology!), three (good to print out and map out to take outside-as this was NOT going on my kitchen table!), four, and a reasonable video if you want a real glimpse beforehand.
Kyler thinks his froggie looks like a toy.
They are packed in plastic bags with an alcohol solution. We had a surgical kit that was given to us once at the ER. Knew that would come in handy!

I made everyone wear a shirt or jacket that they could immediately take off and throw in the wash, rubber gloves, also covered the table with another board before starting, and bleached all equipment afterwords. 

And just in case you didn't read the FB post, later in the day we went down to the creek, caught 2 bass, gutted them, and cooked them on a stick over a fire and ate them. (Sorry, no recipe for that one :)
And yes, you may call me Bearette Grylls now! :)


Joy said...

I did the same at college even dissected sore more things. I did a pig fetus as well when I was in fitfth grade. I'm so glad you all got to do this for school!! I'm certain it counts as a credit for high school doesn't it? Surely? Those frogs are too funny, they are big aren't they! I think the best part of this post though is your catching the fish and cooking over a fire not that survival skills lol!! I can catch you all the crawdaddies you want, however around here ours aren't that. Ice red big pretty color. Ours are slightly smaller and a drab gray looking so they probably wouldnt be what your looking for. How did you get a surgical kit from the ER? That's a story I want to hear!

Donna said...

They do have to have "labs" with Biology with most umbrellas/cover schools. This will go there:)

Yeah- I'm pretty proud of the fish thing :)

Oh- what a story!
Did I tell you about dh's 'fight' with the willow tree????

But- anyway- if you go to the ER (again) or even the doc, they often throw out the instruments they use on you (or your husband :) and well- just look real interested and they might offer it- or just be bold and ask for it :)