Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We Learned About Crayfish Today

Today we not only learned about crayfish, we also got to dissect some. No, it's not gross. It's really not much different than looking at cooked fish or chicken- really! 
We used several sites for information. One, two, and three. We also watched a couple of videos too.

these 2 really think they're funny

Kyler is letting me know he's ready!


Joy said...

Totally COOL!! Did you all go find them in the creek first? I think my kids have probably done the same without me knowing! LOL! Bryer loves catching "craw daddy's "! What a great science lesson!

Donna said...

No- if I could catch them in the creek, I would bring them home and make broth! :)

We were given them- and wait til I post what we're up to today! <:-)