Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kitchen Tip: Masking Tape and more

Welcome to Kitchen Tip Tuesdays!
In my drawer that houses my dish towels, I also keep rubber bands, clothespins, and masking tape.
Rubber bands come in handy for things going in the freezer.
The clothespins are great for any bagged food.
But above them all- I love my masking tape!
Masking tape works when clips won't stay on. It works on bags that are too big for clips like the 25 and 50 pound bags I buy of bulk flours, grains, beans, and sugars.
It is also handy for labeling freezer foods. (Especially since I re-use everything and sometimes there's multiple writing! Eek!)
I also use it on my buckets that house sugar, flours, grains, beans, and more. That put a stop to having to black-out everything when something new went into an old bucket.
There are many best buddies to have in a kitchen, but masking tape is one of my faves!
What's yours?


Arden said...

Great idea and one I will be using. The other day my 15 yo pulled a bag marked "peaches" from the fridge. He said it was a cruel joke that the bag contained leftover hot dogs. lol

Donna said...

Ah Arden- that's funny! Poor guy!
Nothing like masking tape to solve this though :)

Karen said...

I keep lots of plastic
clothespins in my drawer
to close all kinds of
containers- cracker bags,
cereal bags, frozen veggie
bags, you name it. Maybe
not quite as useful as masking
tape, though, which I also keep around for labeling stuff!

Donna said...

Brilliant minds think alike ;-)

Cindy said...

I am definitely in agreement on the masking tape! DH has learned never to remove the roll from the kitchen :-)

Donna said...

Cindy- you must tell me your secret because I have YET to teach my kiddies that! :)

Anonymous said...

I love masking tape too! I've learned a trick to make it easy to remove without scraping it off: I fold over one end onto itself, making a tab to grab hold of. I do this with any tape on the roll to keep it unstuck at the end because I hate scraping at the tape trying to find the end and pull it up.

Donna said...

Love the tip Anony! I'm so glad you shared it! Thank you!