Wednesday, June 6, 2012

eFoods Direct-

As many of you know, I make it a habit to keep my pantry and freezer(s) fairly well stocked. I live quite a ways out from 'town' and have half a dozen young'ens in tow (yes, literally), and I made it a routine some years ago to shop once-a-month because of time, gas, and even something as simple as germs in the winter months when my children were all small (and touched everything :). I felt "prepared". And really I sort of took it for granted that I felt somewhat "prepared" for just about anything.
But- I wasn't.

Regular readers may remember a tornado hit my area about 3 months ago.
I'm still shocked to say, that even just after a few hours of no electricity, we were in a food panic!
Why? Because I cook everything from scratch.

After experiencing that, I readily agreed to bring a company to your attention when asked. 
They are eFoods Direct. You may have heard of them?

In remembrance of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster that stuck in Japan last year, they've created a special offer for us bloggers :-)
(Blogging does have its benefits!)
6 free meals- for just a shipping and processing fee!
Click here to go to their site. The codes you need to take advantage of their special offer are located in the top paragraph at the top of their page.

What's in this for me? Well, in exchange for telling you about their special offer, they've agreed to send me a little sample. So be sure to check back for my official review of their products!
Thanks ladies!


Anonymous said...

Before buying, you need to look at the caloric content of these meals. The week of food, for $50, has only 650-850 calories per day -- that is an extreme dieting situation. I understand in an emergency you won't be able to eat as you normally do, probably, but don't think you're buying a week of food for $50 when your husband, for example, may need to eat the entire week's worth of calories in only 2 or 3 days -- for the same $50.

Donna said...

I understand what you are saying and appreciate your comments.

I think the main idea with products like these is summed up in 2 basic ideas. 1) Food for emergency situations with limited abilities to prepare food. 2)Having a minimum estimate of food that could be prepared fairly easily in the worst of conditions.

Thanks for your comments!