Thursday, January 24, 2013

Charlotte Mason Home Schooling Series:

  Charlotte Mason's Original 6 Volume Series is currently only .99 for Kindle.
(This price may not last long! Be sure to check before you click!)

You can download Kindle free to your PC on Amazon and read these right from your desktop.
This series is normally over $50!

The Charlotte Mason Website has lots of information for home schoolers. 
Her free guide can be found here. It gives you a basic outline of her approach.
I love her list of Handicrafts and Life Skills, especially for the early years.
I also have frequently used her Copywork links to print free handwriting material.

If you are new to home schooling, her site is a great place to start.
I also can't say enough about Raymond and Dorothy Moore, especially for boys!
I highly recommend their books:

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