Monday, January 21, 2013

Menu Plan: Jan. 19, 2013

 Welcome to Menu Plan Monday:
Rice Hash with Leftover Pork
-Almond Joy Oatmeal
-Lentil and Root Stew, Stone-ground Cornmeal Muffins
-Salmon Loaf, green peas, potato wedges
snacks: Pumpkin Bars, bananas w/ peanut butter
-Buttermilk Biscuits, Sausage Gravy
-Pinto Beans w/ ham hock, cornbread, green onions
-Ham Roast, Potatoes, and Carrots, leftover beans
snacks:leftover Pumpkin Bars, sliced apples, yogurt dip
-Corn Chowder,Oat Bread
-Simple Hash, Quick Cole Slaw, green beans
snacks:Chocolate Chip Bars, smoothies
-Vanilla Polenta
-Chili from leftover Beans
-Chicken Joes on Homemade Kaiser Rolls, slaw
snacks: Quick Pretzels, apples
-Soft Wheat Chocolate Chip Pancakes
-Onion Soup, French Bread
-Sausage Pilau, kale greens, French Bread
snacks: apples w/ cinnamon yogurt dip
-Chocolate Granola and yogurt
-Split Pea Soup, leftover French Bread
-Frugal Stir Fry and Rice
snacks:Toasted French Bread slices w/ butter and cheese
-Chocolate Oatmeal
-Wintry Tomato Soup, Cottage Cheese Dinner Rolls
-Grilled Chicken Legs,  potato wedges with rosemary, Southern Green Beans
snacks:Apple-Cinnamon-Raisin Bake Pancake w/ homemade syrup

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