Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Totally Random Pictures from our House:

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday. A day when the picture really says it all and words aren't altogether necessary.:)
When kids use your camera, strange shots show up.

2 of the boys learned to a play a song in one day, on this, from instructions on a free internet site.

I see dust.
Can you guess?

Homemade clay toothpaste. My favorite recipe of the month!

Should I be concerned about this?

Definitely concerned about this.     Wait til the Navy gets ahold of  him!    He loves to shock-n-awe!


Anonymous said...

Okay we are laughing so hard! Krestan is so funny!! Hahahah we needed that laugh today!
I'm curious what your toothpaste recipe is, hope you post it soon! I'm really needing one!
Also, what is that picture that looks like a line?
Again hahahaha! We are all laughing. Laughter is good medicine!

Donna said...

Krestan is a hoot! This is the towel ring from the bathroom. Crazy!

The line picture- one of the kids had the camera outside while a helicopter was flying over (very low) at night and the lens evidently stuck open.

Toothpaste uses clay. I will try to get that together asap!

Della said...

"I see dust" LOL snort snort...and I'm not sure why you're concerned about the nose ring...all the cool kids are doing it? LOL I let Jack have my camera one time and he took pictures of all his was...interesting. NOt sure he has the eye for photography just yet.

Donna said...

lol- It can be a dangerous thing to let a child loose with a camera!

However- my younger kids fave toys has been old cell phones (no service). They've made super funny videos! The funniest was about the army guy, Harvey Apple (they named him), who HAD to be baptized in the bathroom sink!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

Cut the branch off flush with the tree right away or you will lose the tree to borers. That is very, very bad.

The nose ring isn't a problem :)

Donna said...

Your turn is coming when your babies are all teens! They will do ANYTHING for a laugh :)

Thankfully, it is a maple tree and not one of the fruit trees. It appeared that the warm weather, then the freezing, caused it to bust. I will trim that away- thank you!