Monday, April 8, 2013

Highlights from April's Once-A-Month-Shopping Trip

Highlights from this month's shopping and tips for locals!:

-boston rump roasts .99lb (bought 3 which will be 6 to 9 meals) (Food Lion)
-one shoulder ham 1.49lb
-7lbs ground beef at 1.99 lb (Leo's)
-Leo's has those end (pork) loins for .89 per pound!!!******
-1 large pack chicken thighs at .99lb
-2 chickens at .89lb
-1 large pack boneless,skinless chicken breasts 1.89lb (Sam's)
-4 packs of hot dogs for $5 (I am planning a night around the fire pit with these and to sing and play guitar.)
-2 packs bologna .99 each (Aldi)
-2 mangoes .69 each (Aldi)
-3lbs mandarins 1.49
-3lbs apples 2.99
-3lbs lemons
-grapes at .99lb X2
-4 pack cukes 1.25 (Leo's)
-3 bundles of bananas at .49lb
-25lbs self-rising flour
-25lbs pinto beans
-2lbs garbanzo beans
-2lbs red kidney beans
-2lbs black beans
-1lb polenta grits
-5lbs carrots at 49 lb (Sam's)
-3 bunches of celery $2 (Sam's)
-giant bag of romaine $3+ (Sam's)
-1 #10 can diced tomatoes $3?
-1 #10 can pizza sauce $3?
-canola oil under $9 for 1.25 gallons
-can of shortening, under $3
-4lbs butter
-45oz tub margarine 1.99 (Kroger) (I don't usually like this but butter had to be pinched!)
-milk 2.49 gallon (Cash-n-Carry will let you have 5 gallons at this price with purchase)
-half-n-half 1.49 (Aldi) (I will use this in place of cream for home made ice cream at upcoming bday. Cheaper!)
-Peter Pan pb at 1.49 jar (Kroger)
-asparagus 2 bundles at 1.28 each (Kroger)
-2 boxes graham crackers at $1+ each
-3 boxes of saltines at .99 each
-2 bags of tortilla chips at 1.19 each (for taco casserole and snacks with salsa)
-eggs 10 dozen at .99 each
-buns at .79 and .89 for one night of burgers and 2 nights of hot dogs from the fire pit and grill
-red wine vinegar
-1 #10 can on clearance of pureed sweet potatoes $3
-5lbs frozen peaches
-$12 in frozen veggies


Anonymous said...

what was the total $ amount. im trying to get an idea of how much a month to spend

Donna said...

I spent about $325 and I set aside $75 to get milk, eggs, and more fresh foods in 2 weeks.

I will probably need potatoes ($10 for 50lbs), bananas, cabbage, and maybe onions.

I was just told that a Dollar Gen. Mark. a little ways from here has turkeys at .55lb. I set aside enough extra, to where I might can get one or two of those if ours has the same sale price!

Also- I'm feeding 5 (big) kids and an ever-hungry dh! ;-)

Joy said...

Where did you find grapes and oranges for those prices?

Donna said...

@ Aldi, but I think prices changed yesterday- but sometimes their produce stays the same :)