Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shaping Rolls and Buns, Toppings, Today's Baking, and more

In keeping with the quick breads this week, I made some mini Apple-Zucchini-Pumpkin-Walnut Bread. I used the recipe for Pumpkin Bread and just mixed up the fruits and veggies.
The mini loaves I drizzled with melted white bark and the muffins I dusted with powdered sugar.
Is it just me, or is a messy table sometimes pretty?
I mean, doesn't flour everywhere just sort of say "I love you" in a wordless whisper? ...Ok, enough photographic theatrics.
Some of these are just round, button buns and others were shaped as kaiser rolls. All of them were brushed with an egg wash. The one in the center also had a powdered tomato based seasoning sprinkled on it.
In the front and center here, this bun was topped with a mix of dried roasted garlic and peppers.
This is one of my faves. The bun on the left has celery seed and dill. The one beside it, in the very center of the pic, has ground coriander.    ...I also made some with dried onion, some with poppy seeds, and one with a sprinkling of triple-colored, fresh-ground peppercorns- yum! But those were gobbled up before they cooled!
Some of the dough I rolled out into a large rectangle and cut into squares, triangles, rectangles and odd shapes. They all make beautiful sandwich buns. This is simply minced garlic and dried parsley. The one in front is only garlic.
I'm seeing these style buns, stuffed with sandwich fixings, and arranged in large circles on serving platters. They look like pre-sliced pie sandwiches!
I really love this shape too. So much potential! Hot dog buns? Subs? Bread sticks?- And so easy! I used a one-day sourdough and a pizza cutter to have all this fun today.
Homemade bread dough is super frugal and easy to make. It's a great way to stretch your meals, keep things entertaining, and to dress up the same ole same oles!
Use rolls and buns for sliders, hamburgers, sloppy joes, chicken salads, BBQs, pulled pork, leftover roast, sandwiches, bean spreads like hummus etc, eggs, hot dogs, sausages (smoked and patties), egg salad, other meat salads, and more....or split for mini pizza breads :)

Prov 28:21  To have respect of persons is not good: for for a piece of bread that man will transgress.


BitsofMoxy said...

These look so beautiful and delicious. Thank you for sharing. I recently started making our own bread and want to "play" a little but before this post - wasn't sure if I could. Thank you!

Donna said...

You can do it Moxy!!!
There's no 'wrong' shape. There are some really cute rolls on Pinterest that are bunny-shaped :)-perfect for Easter.

If you've mastered loaf bread- all else is easy!