Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chili Cheese Fries-another frugal and healthy lunch plate

Another frugal lunch whipped up at my house!----Last night a batch of chili was made for homemade "5-Ways"; today more seasoning and more beans were added to stretch the chili for lunch. Fries were quickly cooked in the over (.50 a bag), onions (maybe .10 worth- I can usually buy 3lbs for a buck), and the cheese (about $1 worth was used). The veggies; broccoli was on sale and had a coupon for this brand (.50), the carrots (2 lbs were bought at 1.30 and about 3 were used -maybe .2o), the corn tortilla chips (99 a bag and used 1/2 bag so .50), and the salsa was my leftover from my homemade batch the other night and the cost of it was calculated at that time. Meal cost total $3.50? Served 8!

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