Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Herbs and Eggs! -what?

Herbs and Eggs-- all in one day!
My order from the Bulk Herb Store came today....

along with eggs, eggs, and more....

Here's how they measure up-- the white one is a regular store-bought egg and the brown one is a yard egg.

I was blessed with 5 dozen! What a treat!
My herbs were swooned over by the whole house, and lots of wise cracks were made. Kids!
But I love them and they usually ask for some tea when they don't feel real well--'cause they know it always makes them feel better!
My DD loves them too--especially anything that looks or smells like a flower!
She toted the lavender bag around for as long as I let her.
Speaking of those bags--:-)--they come in these real thick ziploc bags and I usually try to get them in these jars and peel the label off the bag and stick on the jar. Makes storage a little neater.
Thinkin' about fresh eggs? As you can see they are bigger - especially the yolks! They are big and rich, almost meaty.
Need bulk herbs? The Bulk Herb Store has great prices and I've always got my order within 3 days!
--Also, if anyone is interested, I have a post up about how I made Kombucha without a scoby!

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