Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ordering wheat in the south is like.....

Gee winkers! Trying to get wheat shipped to me is like trying to catch the next flight to the moon!

These are SHIPPING CHARGES ALONE from 3 different companies!:
Azure Standard
-50lbs @ $43.30
-100 lbs @ $132.30

Wheat Montana Farms
-100lbs @ $70.14

Walton Feed
-100 lbs @$83.63

These prices DO NOT include the cost of the wheat!!!
There is a Mennonite Community that I have purchased from the last few times. She charges me her rate, no shipping. But they are about a 45 minute drive or so.
I just found another lady who is closer but she wants $50 for 50 lbs of wheat and I usually get 50 of hard white and 50 of soft white.
again, -sigh-
I better start saving up for my own wheat field sounds like!


Rona's Home Page said...

Wow! You can order anything these days.

reeskls561 said...

Have you checked to see if the Bread Beckers deliver and have a co-op in your area.I am in Florida and we have several through out the state.You can google them and find a link to the website.If you poke around for a few minutes you will find a link to see if there is a co-op in your area.Everyone shares the cost of shipping.I LOVE it.Hope it works for you.Kristin

Marnie said...

I would go to the Mennonite Community with the 45 min. drive!
I am blessed to have a co-op group that orders from Azure Standard. But I still have to drive 45 minutes to the drop spot, which happens to be in a parking lot. But I think it is definately worth the drive to have freshly ground wheat, but everything is a long drive for me.

I always have at least 200 pounds of hard white wheat stored in my pantry.

Donna said...

Thanks Kristin, I will look at that!

WOW Marnie! That's a bunch of wheat!!! I would love to have that much around! lol