Friday, January 23, 2009

Frugal Friday/ Keep the kitchen working!

I started to say 'keep a dirty kitchen' but you don't really have to keep a 'dirty' kitchen in order to keep a 'working kitchen'!

There are many things that you can keep working in your kitchen, even when you are not in there! Yes, your kitchen can work without you!

If you have cool-kitchen-gadgets like bread machines, dehydrators, crockpots, etc.; there's no end to the things that you can have working for you and by all means, a frugal wife/mom should make good use of them as a means of being prepared.

But even if you don't have a lot of cool-kitchen-gadgets, there's still a gazillion things that you can put to work for you in your kitchen! ESPECIALLY if you are a Nourishing Traditions fan and holder!

There's buttermilk that can be souring on the counter- without you!
There's granola that can be drying in the oven on a low temp- without you!
There's kraut that can be souring- without you!
There's kefir and yogurt that can be culturing- without you!
There's crackers and other foods that can be drying in the dehydrator or oven- without you!
There's flours and oats that can be soaking- without you!
There's sourdough cultures that can be muliplying- without you!
There's bread that can be rising- without you!
-even baking if you do have a bread machine!
There's all sorts of meats than can be slow cooking in the oven or crock pot- without you!
There's kefir sodas to make and beet kvass- without you!
There's window gardens that can be growing you food- without you!
There's seeds, grains, and nuts that can be sprouting- without you!

Keeping your kitchen working without you is a great way to keep it frugal! When good food is always around, your less likely to go out to eat and/or grab high-priced junk food!
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Joy said...

Where did you get your kefir? I have been wanting some but could never find any! I love your ideas of keeping your kitchen busy..I am going to incorporate a few! Thanks so much for sharing!
I need to have my kitchen working today as I have so many errands to run...trip to library(one in my county the other in another county), trip to bank, trip to Daniel 1 Academy to turn in grades, and well I hope that is all the running that I must do today! (wears a body out!) HA LOL

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

such great to pull out my sourdough starter and see if it can still work for me. :)