Monday, February 9, 2009

It's Gratituesday!!! (numbers don't count)

This Gratituesday comes at a strange and mysterious time of preparation time!

While most are excited about how much they are getting back...and a few maybe on the other end (I do hope not for any of you).......I'm standing simply stunned and amazed at our God!
Why you ask.... When I see the numbers at the end of the year of how much or how little flowed through our home, I'm often just wow-ed at how God is able to sustain us in spite of everything!
He is able to stretch things, bring gifts(like pears....'cept I mooched those-as per Laura's advice), bring in hand-me-downs, and have shoes last 40 years! (Deut. 29:5)

I'm once again, so thankful for the Lord's Provision! I'm so thankful that numbers have nothing to do with His provision! I'm so thankful for His faithfulness and mercy!



Anonymous said...

Sing it Sister!!! How great is our God!!!!!

Joy said...

Amen and Amen! We serve a great God where nothing is impossible.
Oh for grace to serve him more!
Jesus Jesus precious Jesus!
Thanks for letting us in on your thankfulness, it blesses me to hear of others so blessed. God's been good in my life! I've been blessed beyond all measure!

CountryMama@The Cozy Country Home said...

So true! He is Awesome!

Sherry said...

Praise God for all He has done! He provides more than we ever need.

Carrie said...

In the midst of planning a move and selling our house I need to be reminded of this several times a day!!!

It Feels Like Chaos said...

So true! Whether we have much or little, God provides! It is great to hear your thankfulness, especially considering all I hear now from the world is how bad things are!