Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dealing with Divorce part 1

First I have to say that I don't think divorce is God's highest plan for man. However, neither do I believe it is an 'unpardonable sin'. I feel like I can back both thoughts from the Bible and I may explain further sometime but I won't debate it.

That said, divorce is not something that I really wanted to deal with and it's not something that I am proud of but it is in my past, it is in my family, and...I've had to deal with it!

I felt led by the Lord to deal with this issue to hopefully help and encourage others but this will not be a gossip board/post! If you want me to pray for you- I will -but gossip will be one of the issues that I deal with in "Dealing with Divorce".

I've learned a lot in dealing with this horrible thing called divorce. I've learned how it feels personally and I've learned how it hurts children. I've learned that people can be foolish and selfish but I've also learned that I don't have to be. I've learned some 'rules of engagement' that the court system doesn't understand and will advise the opposite. I've learned to help my kids and to put them above 'the issues'. I've learned some things about the court system. I've learned from my mistakes. I've learned some things from others mistakes.

And maybe, just maybe, you can learn something from me! :-)

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