Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sloppy Joe Cups

1st, I know this isn't the most healthy meal...but it's really frugal!

Canned biscuits are really frugal and super fun to work with!

I've made meat pies and baked them...DH likes fruit pies with them!

But here, simply press them in sprayed muffin tins.

Top with Sloppy Joe meat (ground beef, chopped onions, maybe some chopped bell peppers, cook, drain, add ketchup, salt and pepper).

Bake as per time on the biscuit can. The biscuits get kind of crispy. (Could make pizza cups this way, mmm!)

Served here with steamed broccoli and homemade pear sauce. Oh, and jelly for the extra biscuits!

This meal costs between $3 and $4!


Joy said...

Oh I love making these! We do all sorts of things with them! It is quick and easy, not so healthy but quick and easy!

Donna said...

What else do you do with yours?
We do meat pies and DH will sometimes do fried (if I make them they have to be 'real')..