Thursday, March 12, 2009

Food Growers, BEWARE!

Have you ladies heard about this recent bill (not yet passed from my understanding)?
The bill can be read at:

Perhaps you would like to see this commentary about the bill. According to this commentary "this bill would essentially outlaw family farms".

I think its time to flood our representatives with calls and emails again!


Joy said...

I have actually been reading on this myself and too be honest I can't believe this! I mean I can because nothing suprises me out of some of the government now a days but I mean how do they think they can do that? We are moving closer and closer to "socialism" don't you think..? To where we can't do anything ourselves we have to depend on "them"! What are they gonig to do next..that is what bothers me! 85 to 90 % of what we eat comes from ourselves what we raise here including meat..this would hurt us bad..this is something to be in much prayer about!

Donna said...

My hope is that this will never be enforced in that measure if it gets voted in. But it certainly appears that it could allow for it.
...We are certainly living in strange days.