Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I See Trees of Green...seed packets too!

.....and I think to myself....what a wonderful God! :-) The Lord has been so good to our home! So faithful, over and over.

One of the things that I wanted to do for our home, was to have a mini-orchard area in our back yard(actually a suggestion by a friend:-). -Our yard had NO trees or shrubs up until 2 years ago and we planted a few shade trees and a couple of apple trees. The thought was posed to me; "why not plant more food-bearing trees when you are able?" Well, I had never thought of that!

Well, some one sent my husband a 'gift for our lawn/garden'! With that gift we purchased 2 trees and a few other things, but today, we were able to plant the peach and pear tree in my little 'mini-orchard spot'! And, with the Lord's blessing, those trees will one day feed my children! How exciting! I am sooooo grateful for them!

And as if that isn't exciting enough, a friend sent me a package in the mail with several packs of seeds of allllll different kinds! From wildflowers to sugar snap peas!

God is truly good!
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Joy said...

Wow That is really great! God is good! I also can't wait to get more in my mini orchard of God's goodness that he created. I was reading someone the other day where a lady had said, "If God didn't make it we don't eat it". Isn't that something to think abouth. She also said those things with 40 or more ingredients need to see the trash can and not our mouths, well that gave me much to think about. I am so happy for you! Hopefully it will dry up this week and you can get your garden worked!
have a wonderful day!