Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Don't Wait, Weight...get lost!

Okee dokee... I posted last week, or was it week before? hmmm They all run together sometimes, but anyway, I posted about finding weight, because I am indeed very good at that, especially of a late. (uhmm hmm, excuse me..) Sorry, its very hard for me to confess it but the truth is, through this winter, the "scales have not looked favorably on me"!

Now, I am NOT gonna tell you how much weight I have found-- my husband could read this!!! But I will say, that I've had 6 children and before the first was born I weighed around 150 and I kept my weight there fairly easily through many years after having babies. (In high school, I weighed around 140 just FYI. ;-) ...After the fourth baby was born, I had a crazy few years. During part of that time, I lost about 35 pounds and I looked really bad. Yucky! My face looked sunken. But during that time I found that I really, really enjoyed being somewhere around 128! I could wear the kind of clothes that I wanted, without looking dumpy! I will always have a belly, but my belly was more tolerable to me. ....I had two more babies, got the weight right back off and life went on.

Well, about 2 years ago, I got up to 140 and believe it or not, DH was happier about that! ..Said my face looked more plump or something. (I said, of course it does, its stuffed with chocolate!!!) But anyway, this winter, I've blown it...just blown it! And I'm quite aggravated about it! And - I'm not 140 and I'm certainly not my preferred 128! (I feel like flopping on the floor! But I won't -but it would burn a few calories! ;-)

I'm having to discipline myself, my eating, and my thinking-again!
Because, extra weight is just way too emotional, and really unhealthy for me. (I have ulcerative colitis, my chances for cancer are double the average person since I've had this for over 15 years now and the more fat I pack in my belly, the greater the risk! I've had polyps before as well, not good.)

It is hard, it is tough, but I can do it! With me though, I must confess, that I just have to get mad about it! I have to admit that I'm a little weak that way. I have to get my emotions charged.

Onto some things that I have found helpful in the past, besides my point in the last statement. (emotions must be charged=determination)

-k, gotta say it again, I personally have to get mad about it. Sick of it and sick about it. (Else nothing will happen, except perhaps 'finding' more.)
-Watch what I'm eating. I have a big problem with never fixing a plate for myself (after I fix 7 plates and refill them - I don't wanna see another one! ;-). But in doing this, or rather not doing this, I nibble allllll dayyyyy longgggg! I actually think I can get by with this and forget what all I have eaten ;and forget that I'M NOT EVEN HUNGRY! -Nibbling is good for me however, IF I don't go hog wild and pig crazy!
-Eating when I'm hungry! not all day long nibbling (Can I really expect my body to burn what it didn't even ask for?)
-If I do fix a plate- no seconds.
-If I want a sweet after I eat, only eat half the normal amount at that meal.
-You can actually get by on half a sandwich almost as good as a whole one! And by that, you can guess what I mean I suppose- I actually feel better when I eat until I'm no longer hungry rather than 'til I'm full =stuffed. AND, often, especially if I get used to this, I'm no hungrier any sooner than if I eat the whole sandwich.
-I must- MUST- know that I CANNOT eat every little thing that everyone else in this house eats. They could have a box of donuts a couple of times a week and be fine, but not me! Once every couple of months, maybe, but I can't eat like them. For example, I NEVER EVER eat anything from McD's ...if IF IF we do get to order from the dollar menu that is! (For many reasons; ONE, I get sick- every time. TWO, I don't know what's in there and I don't want it; but I won't argue about it, I just won't eat it. THIRD, it is loaded with weird fats and that I do know.) But if I'm really hungry, I'll eat a yogurt parfait.
-For like reasons, there's many foods that I have just 'written off'. I near never buy them and if someone else does, I still don't eat them. I consider them treats for the kids and I don't think about it anymore. Things like boxed cakes and chips. They are only bought every few months and I won't eat them. I've just decided that those are off my list=they're not even food in my book! :-) That thinking helps me!
-Discouragement must be conquered! Being a female can be quite tough when it comes to emotions. But just like we expect those of the opposite gender to ignore certain 'notions' we can likewise learn to 'die' to some of ours. Basing what I eat and how I eat on how I feel, is UNACCEPTABLE! If I have bad 'feelings' the I have to change them, by choice or by actions; period! It is my personal responsibility to control my thoughts and feelings. Likewise, it is my responsibility to deal with my weight.
-Excuses are excuses. And boy can I have them! Wanna hear mine? Ok, here goes starting from the fall: exercise machine broke, garden time was over, winter which means indoors all the time, I cook 3 meals a day and I HAVE to taste them!, puppies equals being somewhat bound for potty-training purposes, Dh works at home and I am NOT gonna bounce around in front of him and on top of that he wants me to taste this or that all of the time;-), and you know I have six kids that have to be watched all of the time, right? There they are! I know 'em, now you know 'em- now I have to just lump it and fight to work around those things that 'so easily beset' me!
-Now for my final point and it is the one that I most often have to rely on. It is going to shock some of you, I am sure, because we live in a land of (a great big bunch of) plenty. But Paavo Airola said it best when he said something like: Most people find it easier not to eat at all rather than to reduce what they eat. (I'm in that number!)

Now I know you may think I'm nutty and that's okay if you do, but it HAS worked for me and worked very very well with the fastest results which kept me motivated AND it did help me spiritually as well. What am I talking about? Oh, :-) ..fasting.

Now hold on...there are different ways to do it and some of you may need to consult with your doctor first but- it does work.

You can do it the way Laura did from Canada. She's lost 70 pounds in just a few months, 27 weeks to be exact. She lost 33 1/2 pounds in right at 2 months! I think she is doing optifast which I think is a little like Slimfast? I will see if she will post a little here to tell us more in the comments!!

But anyway, Paavo Airola wrote about "Fasting to Lose''. This link is like what he taught, dealing with juice (fruit and veggie) fasting and the like. This link from that page is especially good, dealing with weight loss and detox specifically.

But as you can see, I'm not dealing with a total fast. I'm dealing with liquid fasts. My personal results have been a pound a day, after the first day. I've also noticed that the hunger, headaches, etc. get better after the third day. The less caffeine, sugars, processed foods, that you are on, the less the headaches will be, however, I have allowed some caffeine in some of my fasts in the beginning, to help with this and because I really love them so! But several of Airola's books can be found in my A-store if you happen to be interested.

But, now you know a little more about me (gulp!) and a little about what has worked for me when I've gotten lucky enough to lose some weight, rather than find it! :-)

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Organized Nutrition said...

Ah yes... the ever dreaded weight loss... UGH!
I am dealing with that now... wanting to get back to my 150 PRE baby body.... I have 16 lbs to go.... I was ALMOST there 1 yr ago... and then lost my weekend job (like a work out) and put on 17lbs... Haven't been able to lose it since...
BUT I DO not use excuses! I hate them! I work out every day, IT is a DATE I must keep... NO MATTER WHAT! and if at 3pm it doesn't work out... I WILL do it before bed time! I also keep a food journal! I only believe that losing weight and keeping it off means eating like you will eat forever! SOO I eat 1600 to 1900 calories (depending on calories burned that day) and am happy!
I could never do a liquid diet... I LOVE to eat... and water and milk are about all I drink... PLUS, I would never want to do that for life... I would rather lose it slowly then to force it off tooo quickly with the chance of it coming back!
I also do not believe in BUYING pre made meals... what is that teaching you???? NOTHING! You need to learn how to cook and make those things on your own, so that when you lose what you want to... you will be able to maintain it on your own....
OK, OFF my soap box! (can you tell I have some passion of my own in this area???? My whole Moms side is VERY VERY OVERWEIGHT, my mom even had gastric bypass 2 yrs ago.... I JUST have NO WANT to be there EVER!)