Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Distractions from homework at my house...

-can I have some herb tea? peppermint?
-I forgot to brush my teeth.
-Do you remember last year when....?
-The puppy is chewing on my book.
-I need a snacky-poo.
-I'm a little bit hungry.
-Do we still get off work on our birthday?
-Do you need something out of the freezer?
-Does our government want to take our Bibles?
-Where does it talk the Bible?
-Why was Rush on the news?
-Why does the puppy.....?
-How come she has to.....?
-What time did I finish my math?
-Should I get a pinch of xylitol?
-What are you fixin' for lunch?
-What's for supper tonight? I was just wonderin'.
-When is the garden going to grow?
-Well, the puppy wanted me to pick her up.
-My feet were tingling so I had to get up.
-How old are you Mom?


Lori said...

Wow...all that stuff sounds familiar! LOL! Cute. :)

April said...

Sounds very familiar to my house! Grrrr. :)

Joy said...

LOL Ok I can't help myself this is so funny! Sounds like some of the things mine says..though mostly she say when is this school stuff going to end!??
Glad to see mine isn't the only one distracted at school these days it must be that burn out so many talk about ;)
Thanks for sharing I needed that laugh today!