Tuesday, June 16, 2009

(Strawberry) SHORTCAKES!

DH found a neat little pan for me some time ago, in a little thrift shop here in town. I pulled it out today and made the kiddies some shortcakes to go with their strawberries! ;-)

I fretted for a bit about a recipe because I really wanted to make them with wheat flour. So, I thought to myself; "Self, why couldn't you just use your standard muffin recipe and just add a little extra milk or water to thin the batter?" And self said, "That's a great idea!" So, once we both came to an agreement, I decided on THIS ONE, minus the coconut and ch.chips. I also made sure the batter was a little thinner than I make it for muffins. Easy peasy!

Here's one kind of shortcake pans, although mine is a bit different. Mine only has 6 cups and they are connected differently. And they were only like a dollar or two!

This is the cake, straight from the oven to the bowl.

This is the cake with the middle filled with sliced strawberries, topped with whipped cream! Yummy! And it was a big hit!! They couldn't believe that I had made the shortcakes! :-)

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Millie said...

mmmmmmm. Looks yummy.