Monday, August 31, 2009

More tales from Walmart....

We have 2 Walmarts in Smalltown USA. The one is new and seems quiet as it is off from the main part of town. The!...its like the Twilight Zone. The past 2 times that my DH and I have taken our children in there, we turned around and walked back out and drove to the other one!

The tale of our last visit:
We drive into the parking lot, and there, getting out of a van is not one, but two people- WEARING PAJAMAS GOING IN THE STORE AT THE GARDEN CENTER!
What happened to the day when people dressed UP to go to town? Maybe that wasn't real.

Well, we pull to the other side and there is a car that is pulling in the parking space and backing up, pulling back in the parking space, and backing up.... I strain my eyes to look and it happens to be an Hispanic man, whom upon exiting his car stumbles several times while attempting to walk towards the door. Hmmm.

We get out of the van, coral the kids and begin to walk towards the door. To our shock, there is this father, trying his hardest to get his kids buckled in on the passengers side of a big white Suburban and he's yelling things like; "are you stupid or something", "why did you get back out of your seat", "what's wrong with you"...And you can just tell that he's really about to lose it. Well, just when I think it can't get anymore interesting, from around the drivers side of the vehicle comes another little toddler who apparently has escaped! The thought runs through my mind "oh boy- he could run over one of them". Then I think of the humor, at this dad trying to get all these children in the car, then he yells out "I think I'm just going to leave you here". I look up to see the mother coming back from putting the buggy up and she just kinda snickers and almost shrugs, while giving me a kind smile. Her response made it all the more comical.
Well, we make it into the store and say hello to Ms. Ivey, a nice older lady who works there. The noise level in there is through the roof nearly. Talking, crying, screaming, beeping, it just seems too much. We try, very hard, to trudge on through.
We get to the pet isle and we make it part of the way down the aisle when a mother with three young children passes us and she also has another lady behind her, pushing the buggy, seemingly trying to help with the children. Well, within seconds, those three little children came unglued! Those three little children began to climb on the dogfood, under the buggy, over the buggy, and they almost appeared to multiply! The mother starts yelling at them by name but I've never seen children act like this respond very well to their mother yelling their name, have you?

My poor DH was trying to talk to me about something and I just looked and said, "You are missing a circus behind me!" My children acted as though they were watching The Three Stooges, they were too shocked to laugh, but they wanted too. Finally one of the three little children jumps up and lands on his back in the dogfood with his feet sticking straight up in the air and one of my DSs, who can't hardly hold his thoughts in, just started telling his dad in a loud, shocked whisper, "Did you see that? His legs were sticking straight up in the air!"
(These children continued to carry on- smacking each other and yelling at each other.)

DH said; "Okay, that's it. Let's go to the other Walmart."
We nearly ran to the van!

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