Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Simple Stuffed Peppers

This is not frugal- unless you grow your own peppers or find a really good deal on them!
Sorry for the bad pic- camera is very moody!

2 lb ground beef, lamb, or turkey (or a mix)
brown with one onion chopped, drain

Mix in;
2 cans tomato sauce
2 cups cooked white rice (could use brown but I was in a hurry and 5 minute white couldn't be helped!)
1/4 cup honey
salt and pepper (be a little generous, especially with the pepper)

Cut peppers in half, seed. (Could stuff whole but kids won't eat a whole one and my peppers were huge!)
Scoop mix into peppers and place in baking dish with about 1/4 inch water or tomato sauce in bottom of pan. Bake at 375 just until peppers wilt.

Easy peasy!

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