Monday, August 10, 2009

What the Good Lord Gave Me.....

My neighbors are moving....that makes me sad. I have almost felt like they were family.
But being the kind and generous folks they are, they called me today and asked if I wanted some canning jars from their outbuilding. Why Of Course I Do! ! ! ! ! !
There were 43 jars in three plastic flats- which they gave me too!
And as I pulled them from the dishwasher, all nice and clean and sparkling, I said under my breath; "Okay Lord, what are you going to give me to put in them?"
Well, five minutes later, or less, I walked out to the my little garden. It produces enough for fresh veggies several days a week, but not enough extra to can.
(Well, don't forget what I just asked the Lord.)
Another of my neighbors walked up and asked if I would like some unripe, 'drops' pears.
Why Of Course I Do! ! ! ! ! !
So tomorrow, they will bring me pears- a day or two with some brown paper and they'll be sweet!
I am so thankful for what the good Lord gave me!
These same neighbors gave me enough horse apples last year to make numerous jars of apple jelly.
And these jars- you should see them! Some of them are old and square, one just has "Mason" written on it and nothing else, and there is one that just has "Kerr" on it and nothing more.
Pretty neat, huh?
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Casey said...

HI, I am stopping by from the Gratituesday link list. This is one of the sweetest posts, it made me cry. The Lord does always answer our prayers doesn't he! THank you so much for sharing this

Jessie Geroux said...

wow what a true testament to how God knows the desires of our hearts and provides in His time enjoy that delicious fruit and cool new jars!!

Amy Lynne said...

Pretty neat happenings! It is amazing how things work out sometimes!

The Woodall family said...

awesome! What a blessing:) He always provides!