Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ask and you shall receive...

My kids begged me to make more pickles for them and my garden would not cooperate! I got a couple of pounds of cukes the other day and made 3 quarts of pickles. Would you believe that within 24 hours, they had 1.5 quarts gone?!!!?!!!
Well, they did a fair job convincing me that they would eat them so I agreed to try to make more. I bought this 50lb box of cukes for $18. Now I'm in a pickle! ;-)
The other deals this week are;
Idaho potatoes 4- 10lb bags for $10
Russet potatoes- 50lbs for $6.99
Ground beef- 10lbs for $12.90 with a $1 coupon in the paper (that makes it 11.90=1.19 per pound)
skinless, boneless chicken breast-10lbs for $14.90
(I bought 60lbs of meat for about $83!-which means I averaged $1.38 per pound.)
These were just the deals at IGA this week!
We also bought another box of apples this week! I love keeping apples around. They can have them anytime- they are no-holds barred! This policy on the apples makes them all the more enticing to the children. (The pickles will likely have this policy too!)
So, you know what I'll be doing most of the weekend- chillin' and dillin' with the cukes!


Sandra said...

We lost our entire garden due to the heavy rains we had this spring. But thank God our neighbor lives on a little hill and she gave me enough to pickle. I have been making our pickles so long, that I don't think my kids could tolerate the store ones!

Donna said...

Those rains were bad! I lost onions. I had planted a little later than most so most of mine pulled through that time.

That's so neat that your kids know the priveledge of homemade pickles so well!

Thanks be to God for good neighbors!!!

Joy said...

My cucumbers didn't make this year either so we went without pickles
:( My kids aren't too happy about that either..but we were blessed with other things to can..not as much as usual but some is better than nothing. Did you find the chicken on sale a aldi?

Donna said...

No, it was on sale at IGA. Along with ground beef! I haven't found good deals on meat at Aldi. Produce, eggs, butter, cream cheese, and canned foods are their best deals.