Thursday, September 3, 2009

Plan plan plan

Its almost time for my once a month shopping and there's much work to be done!

Dig in the freezers and fridge and make sure all goodies are used or fronted.

Fridge cleared and produce drawers cleaned!(No fresh veggies allowed until all traces of old veggies are annihilated!)

Menu is planned with old and new recipes.

New recipes collected to have on hand along with menu. (Else I'll have all of this food and be running around in circles in the kitchen wondering "now what was it I was going to cook?".)

Sale prices mapped out. (Food Lion -chicken quarters .39lb, IGA- 4 10lb bags Idaho for $10, etc)

A list made of all needed items.

Coupons sorted; old thrown out, new cut and inserted in the right place.

Bags and freezer bags put in the back of the van.

Meals planned for shipping day so food will be available for DH and 3 little peeps while me and the big peeps are shopping. (A hungry man is not a happy man!!!;)

Pantry shelves fronted and items needed must be added to the list.

I always find this planning to be very rewarding! Everyone loves to go to the pantry and pretend they are at the store! And I love that everything is HERE! ...Living 25 minutes from town does not make for good last minute shopping!


Millie said...

I would love to only go shopping once a month. When we lived in Oregon we went every two weeks (it was 45 minutes to the store that had decent prices or 30 minutes to the waaaay to expensive store) but since we moved to WY I haven't built up my pantry enough to get past weekly shopping. I'm hoping someday soon I can at least get back to every other week.

Donna said...

45 minutes! woowhee!
That would be hard!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

Potatoes for .10 a pound ALREADY! WOW! We don't get those until right before Thanksgiving.

So, how many pounds are you going to buy? ;-) You know what I would get . . . probably 20 lbs!


Donna said...

I never get less than 40 to 50lbs!
Perhaps I should get more!

2 weeks ago, the sale was 7.99 for 50lbs!

I need an underground 'tater bin'!

Sandra said...

I also shop once a month. My husband has been getting paid just once a month for 27 years now. I love shopping day! I too go through the cabinets and move and check what I have, then I check the freezers. We live 45 mintues from the grocery store and I take freezer bags as well.

Donna said...

Wow 27 years! 45 minutes!? That'd be tough!

I love shopping day too! I usually have a hard time sleeping for a couple of nights before I go because I make lists, check them twice, try to remember what I'm forgetting! :-)