Saturday, September 12, 2009

Turkey Bacon Inside and Out Burgers, on Buttermilk Buns

My DH liked these so much that he said he woke up the next morning thinking about them! .....If he's not thinking about me, least he's thinkin' about my cookin', huh? ;)
These just kick up your average burger, just a notch!

I cooked up several slices of turkey bacon and laid aside on some paper towels. I mixed in some Worcestershire Sauce, salt, and fresh pepper with my hamburger meat. I then made burger sized meatballs, pushing a pit into the center with the tips of my fingers, tucked crumbled pieces of bacon inside, pressed the meat flat in my hands and tossed it on the griddle!

I topped them with half a slice of pepper jack cheese, some extra bacon, lettuce, mayo and mustard! Yummy!
Especially after stuffing it on a homemade Buttermilk Bun!

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