Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Menu and other prep...

I've shared before about how we often will do a Thankful for Wildlife Tree- outdoor activity- during our Thanksgiving break. I collected the things needed for that during my shopping for Thanksgiving dinner.

Last year, we made an indoor Thanksgiving Tree, which the children had to 'leaf'! They had to cut out leaves with things they were thankful for written on them. They also made some cute things for the table. These activities keep them busy while I'm cooking TONS of food!

I posted here last year, giving lots of links to free printable Thanksgiving coloring pages and other activities for children that would be very beneficial for the cook!

Year before last, we took an old sheet and used it as a table cloth. While I cooked, the kids got to write and draw, what they were thankful for on the 'tablecloth'.

Now- what am I gonna cook for my crew and when? Well, on Sunday night, I will put in the 24+lb turkey, and cook it on a low temp overnight. I've done this before and it turned out wonderfully! I will also do some of the sweets on Sunday evening and night. Monday, everyone will have breakfast and scatter to play. I will then cook all the rest of the food and when the kiddies show the first sign of being anxious, I will give them some of my pre-printed coloring pages and craft activities. When they need a snack, I have granny smith apples and caramel dip waiting for them too! ;-)

I will be cooking a huge amount of food- because, we will eat it for 3 days+.
During those 3 days, since food prep will be a cinch-- we will have lots of family play time!

On the MENU:
turkey (24+ pounds bought at .47lb)
spiral ham (about 8 or 9 lbs)
sweet potato casserole (the recipe is on the link above that says "last year")
green bean casserole
brussel sprouts
potato salad
kale greens-n-onions
cranberry relish (I'm going to try to come up with a slightly fermented version of this)
yeast rolls from the freezer
homemade cornbread dressing
turkey gravy
boxed dressing
stuffed celery sticks
deviled eggs
cranberry sauce
chocolate cake
2 apple pies
2 pumpkin pies
1 or 2 pecan pies
sugar cookies (decorated by the kids)

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