Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Week of Play!

This week, I have set all the work that I could aside. I fixed enough food to feed 'my pilgrims and Indians' for at least 5 days! We will play ALL week!

We have watched a couple of short movies together, played Uno until we couldn't sit any longer, we've played Skip-bo, and a big game of Monopoly last night.

And the food--- Oh my! We've ate like pigs!
I cooked it all in time for a late lunch yesterday, then an hour later we had desserts. Then I tossed it all back in the oven for supper, and before bed we had desserts and got to stay up an hour later than usual! Woo hoo! (Being a night owl, that's my favorite part!) Today- we'll do it agin! ;-)

This Gratituesday, I'm thankful for a week of play (and food)!!!

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