Saturday, November 28, 2009

Webkinz- sales..they're our favorite toy!

We have all grown to absolutely adore Webkinz!
At first, I have to admit, that I was skeptical about an 'online' pet that could do all of the things that my kids were saying they could do! It didn't take me long to see the big fun on there, as well as the SAFETY! Webkinz has done an excellent job at keeping their site safe, and they continue to modify things on a regular basis to make sure things are kept clean! For example, the kids used to be able to name their own 'rooms', but some kids were naming theirs not-so-nice names, so they came up with a list of names that kids have to pick from, rather than being able to type in a name. Very clever!
And the stuffed animals are the softest ever! So cuddly!
Now, about the sales!
Walgreen's ran an add for Black Friday, with a buy-one-get-one-free Webkinz @ $9.99!
A super great deal!
After this deal runs, they will be going back to a buy a Webkinz and get a Lil' Kinz free!
Both are very good deals!
These make for great presents at Christmas because your internet pet is good for one whole year(unless you buy more)!
My kids love doing 'jobs' and playing games online to earn Kinz Cash so they can buy their pets food, clothing, games, and things for their 'rooms'.
And you see the horse above? Well, that one is mine! ;-) Well?-can't a mom have some fun too?
The kids?- well they've collected more than I care to count in the past few years.

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