Monday, November 30, 2009

Menu for the week...

This will be a busy week! I am making lists for my once-a-month shopping trip as well as trying to work in a few treats for around Christmas. I also want to have a big Christmas dinner like I did Thanksgiving so I can play for a few days! ;-)

-Nutty Maple Granola with milk
-Chicken Salad in wraps, blue chips with guacamole, cake
-Li'l' Roasted Chicken and veggies
Snacks: buttered popcorn, apples
-homemade waffles, milk
-Soft Tacos and Spanish Rice
-Sammy's and salad
Snacks: Cranberry Salad, pretzel sticks
-soaked oatmeal, milk
-Salmon Loaf, baked acorn squash, salad
-Italian Baked Chicken, brussel sprouts, carrots
Snacks: nuts, raisins, Frozen Lemon Cream Bars
-kids choice
-Main Dish Macaroni, green peas, garden salad
-Beef Steaks in Onion-mushroom Gravy from the crockpot, with cornbread, lima beans, squash
Snacks: Fish Eggs, Pumpkin Oatmeal-raisin Cookies
-Coconut Brown Rice, orange juice
- Turkey Patties, green beans, corn on cob
-Stuffed Meatloaf, French Bread, salad
Snacks: Chocolate Angel Food Cake, apple carrot kale juice from the juicer

Visit Menu Plan Monday for more recipes and ideas!

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