Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kids have a way...of scaring you to death!

To the side of our house is our driveway that leads in a J-shape around to the back of our house, and into our garage. Right at the curve of the driveway is where the back yard fence runs. Its a chain link fence that encloses our entire back yard. At the part of the fence where the drive way runs is also the garden, so different tools hang there in the fence. Tools like pruning scissors, gloves, and 2 old rusty saws.

Well, my youngest decides while dh and I are checking the fruit trees, that he and one of his older brothers are going to fly up and down the drive way as fast as they can, apparently. Dh says, "you know, its right when a mother takes her eyes off of them, that they will get hurt". We started walking back towards the other side so we could see the driveway clearly and make sure they were being safe.

The moment I got within ten feet of the fence at the driveway, I look up to see the youngest going VERY fast on his bike right towards the fence. And right at one of those old rusty saws.
He had a look of horror on his face and I called out his name as he stared bewildered right at me, and before I could even look down to see that his chain had popped off- BAM- into the fence! He come up off the seat and barely (thank God!!) missed that rusty saw with his face. He hit with his knee, his chest, his cheek, and both hands.

His knuckles were skinned and blue from the hard blow they took, he had almost a knot, quickly bruising right above his knee, a very red cheek, and a red streak across his chest- and an even wilder expression on his face than before he hit!

He didn't even cry! ( I on the other hand was having to fight them back- as adrenaline pulsed through my veins, fast enough to make me have the shakes!)

Later, retelling the story, he almost cried as the feelings of fear, over not having brakes, crept back over him. I checked over all his owies (for the twenty thousandth time, still fearing that he might have broke something) and gave him some pointers in the event that something like that ever happened again. ...But the expression and fear that he wore as he looked to me before crashing, will haunt me in my sleep.

There he was, coming right at me, on the other side of the fence, wanting me to save him, believing that I could and would save him- and there was nothing I could do. (That has to be ONE of the most horrible feelings that a parent can have- helplessness.)

Kids put so much faith in their parents and they REALLY believe that their parents can do anything! -- Oh to have that kind of faith in our Father!....Amazing thing- the faith of a child!

Mark 10:15 Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.

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