Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Local Sales this week...

2lb onions .99
3pk peppers .99
4pk corn .99
zukes 24 oz .99

fryer chicken breasts.99
spiral hams 1.29 lb
10lb chicken quarters 3.90
Field's dinner franks.99
1lb baby carrots .99
cukes 3/$1
20lb russet potatoes 2.99
1 lb strawberries 1.89
cantaloupes 1.49
jumbo eggs .89
Wishbone dressings 1.69
24 oz ketchup .89
56oz ice cream 1.69
2lt cokes .99
Van Camp pork'n'beans 2/1
peaches or fruit cocktail 16 oz .69
Hunt's spag. sauce .89
Special K 2/$5

24 pk cokes and pepsi $5
corn .19 per ear
40oz Heinz ketchup $1
large frozen cooked shrimp 2lbs $10
bl,sl, chicken breast 1.98

b1g1f GM and Kellogg's cereal
cluster tomatoes .99lb
2.5 to 3 lb frozen chicken breasts and tenders 6.99
O.M. franks b1g1f
shank hams 1.29lb
apricots 2.69lb
mangos .99
5lb vidalia onions 3.99
red, green leaf or romaine lettuce 1.29 lb

(having crazy 8 sale)
8oz pizza .88
OM bologna .98 (net coupons right now)
2lt pepsi .84
BC brownie mix or M.white muffin mix .98 (coupons available usually)
strawberries; 1lb 1.97, 2lb 3.79, 4lb 5.99
yellow sq or zukes .98lb
florida corn 6/2
green giant frozen veggies 7 to 10 oz .88 (usually coupons)
Mom's Best Natural Cereals 1.99 (coupons are available, my kids love this)
6oz black or blueberries 2/4
california cherries 3.99 lb
english cukes 4/5
dole blends 2/5
org. cameo apples 1.19 lb
4lb oranges 3.99

These are just highlights from this weeks fliers. Happy Shopping!
May the Lord help you all to stretch your shopping $! :-)


Joy said...

thank you so much!
I can NEVER seem to get that moms best natural coupon still can't find one. Have you seen one lately?
Leo's has some great deals on chicken right now! I am excited about that!
thanks so much!

Joyfully His said...

Thank-you soooooooooo much for doing this!!!! I am a friend of Joy's & she told me about this post! :-)

The Prudent Homemaker said...

Wow! A great price on peppers here is $1 EACH!

Are you getting hams?

Donna said...

Joy and Joyfully,
You're very welcome!

no, its not quite shopping time for me so no hams. I do still have one big turkey :-)
Most of the stores here have peppers at a $ too, but Aldi is a discount store, often with cheap produce! Its a fairly new store to our area, they are more popular up north I think- great place to shop for produce and pantry type items!

Anonymous said...