Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today's Canning: tomatoes and soup

Today I canned 5 quarts of tomato sauce and 3 quarts of one of my favorite soups! It simply has tomatoes, okra, and corn. Yummy!


Joy said...

WOW that is greaT
WE lost everything we replanted as well. So we aren't getting to can anything much this year at all. Leaves me very sad and depressed because we can so much and this year well we have nothing. I know the Lord knows what we need and will supply our needs.
SO HAPPY for you and you getting to can! YIppee!

Donna said...

Ah Joy!
I can't believe that! Horrible!
I will begin praying very much for the Lord's provision for winter, for your home.
Kids brought in another bucket of maters tonight!