Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"natural candy"...

I put up the recipe for these a few moons ago, but here are some rolled in coconut as well as the sesame seeds, that we've made this week. The basic recipe is in one of Airola's books.

The recipe is easy and simple:

My kids really like it, but soon discovered that you can't eat too much of it! Its just too rich!
1/2C butter
1 t-vanilla
1/4C -carob powder (or cocoa)
3/4C-milk powder
1/2C-sesame seeds
Cream butter and honey. Blend in vanilla, carob powder, milk powder. Roll into balls and coat in the sesame seeds. Place in the refrigerator.

(NT suggests sprouting seeds before use. I am not sure how that would work, but I hope to try to soak, sprout, dry, and see if I could make it work!)
**There are numerous variations to this recipe: add cinnamon, roll in coconut or crushed graham crackers, add or roll in crushed nuts, add a good quality peanut butter, etc

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