Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The new fish in town: Swai...

I bought this fish because it was on sale. I brought it home and went digging for recipes and found that it was in the catfish family. Well, I knew dh would love it but I wasn't sure about the rest of us :-)
So- digging I went for recipes and I found one that really was wonderful for this fish!
I did bake it longer than the suggested time as well as broiled it longer, until I got the crispy look.
I will use this in the future with tilapia for sure!
And again, for the record, this type of fish is really pretty tasty and is said to have good Omega 3! (and its cheap!..I mean frugal;-)
The above link has some very good recipes for all sorts of seafood!


Joy said...

I am not a fish eater at all, do you think I would like this?? I have found that I like some Tilapia but not all are created equal I have learned. LOL
Where did you find this new fish?
Looks yummy in the pic

Donna said...

I don't think you would like this kind of fish :-(

However, you are right about the tilapia and I think you would love (wild caught) tilapia done this way. It is VERY good!

I bought it at Kroger and it comes in big pieces, but it is related to catfish so its a 'bottom feeder', and it also has a slightly stronger taste than tilapia- BUT- this is a good way to cover it----but personally, I'd rather stick to more 'clean' fish ;-)..but dh was crzy about it cuz, but he loves catfish!

Joy said...

Thanks so much for letting me know! Andy loves catfish too, me yuck no thanks. I do not like catfish at all. I really do like the wild caught tilapia but it tends to be expensive, so the only fish we consume is tuna and some albacore..LOL!! I sometimes buy salmon from Aldi

Donna said...

Tilapia is the mildest tasting fish that I've ever had and its SO filling for some reason. All the protein I guess.

Like shrimp?
I buy it when its $5 a bag. I use it in creamy pasta dishes and stir fry. One bag feeds us all so I bet you could get 2 meals out of 1 and NT says its good source of Vitamin D, if I remember right. :-)

The Prudent Homemaker said...

Donna, how much did Swai cost you per pound? How much do you pay for Tilapia?

Years ago, I used to buy shrimp at the price you mentioned above, and Tilapia when it went it's lowest, around $3 apound, but it's just out of my price range now. I have to stick to meat under $2 a pound. I don't feel too bad about the tilapia, because when I'm pregnant the taste of tilapia changes for me, and it tastes like dirt! Since I'm pregnant some part of every year, skipping tilapia has been okay!

I do miss fish, though. My husband and I both like catfish, so I imagine we would like this.

Not that I'm buying any meat right now, LOL. That would be nice. I'm just curious.

Donna said...

I buy tilapia for $10 for a 4lb box. (about enough for 2 meals)

I can't remember what the sale on this was when I bought it but I think it was the same weight for $7.99. The pieces are huge!

Shrimp, I've learned a few tricks to stretch it pretty well. There's a few dishes that I make where I buy it canned. There's enough in there to flavor a whole dish (not real meaty thought) and its about 1/3 the price of frozen. ..Canned clams are working good like this too.

There's a bargain store that I go to when I can (25 mins out of the way) and I often can get this type of stuff (in bent cans) as seconds pretty cheap too.

Funny how being pregnant can mess up your tastes! I couldn't stand to smell eggs, lol.