Monday, August 9, 2010

Rough draft of this week's menu....

-kids choice
-pb&j on whole grain bread, raisins, bananas, cookies
-Chicken and Leeks over rice, raw broccoli and tomato salad, pudding
Snacks: yogurt, clementines, popcorn, pickles, cherries
- oatmeal
-Sammy's, romaine salad, raisins, oatmeal cookies
-tuna salad wraps, pickles, carrot sticks, tomatoes, fruit sauce
Snacks: bagels with cream cheese, clementines, sliced apples
-toasted breakfast bread and jelly, boiled eggs
- veggie-beef patties, sweet potato wedges, green salad, sour gummy worms
-seafood lasagna, steamed broccoli, watermelon
Snacks: chips and salsa, carrots and dip, apples with nut butter
-bologna cups, green salad, sliced tomatoes, corn, birthday cake and homemade ice cream
-turkey taco pie, chili beans over brown rice, grapes
Snacks: banana pudding, sliced apples with peanut butter yogurt dip
-kids choice
-turkey wraps, layered salad, pickles, grapes
-Poorman's steak and mushroom gravy, brown rice, fried okra and green tomatoes
Snacks: popcorn, sliced apples, boiled eggs and mustard (kids!)
- coconut brown rice
-split pea soup, whole wheat dinner rolls, leftover ice cream cups
-creamy chicken and noodles, green peas, maple carrots, chocolate chip cookies
Snacks: dried pears and apricots, bananas, juice from the juicer, popcorn
-kids choice
-baked lemon-pepper salmon, brown rice, peas and carrots, sliced tomatoes, cookies
-chicken stir-fry, brown rice, baked apples
Snacks: juice from the juicer, popcorn, blueberry-chocolate chip whole wheat muffins

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