Tuesday, September 7, 2010

YMCA-one way to get a free day!

Did you know that if you set up an appointment for a 'tour' at your local YMCA, that they will give you a One-Day-Pass after a super quick consultation on prices?

They also have a program where your payments are based on your income!

Just a thought-
this might be a nice treat for your children as a ''field trip''.


Coco Rico said...

Yes, my family's been using YMCA a long time. GReat blog!

Joy said...

Would love a membership to the YMCA in your neck of the woods have checked on it a few times, just still way out of our budget. Do you have a membership?

Donna said...

Coco Rico, Thanks!

No, I wish!
But- now that my kids are bigger, it'd sure be fun!
BUT- all the ''lessons'' and ''sports'' cost extra. But the membership would include pool, aerobics, 30 Minute Cafe (like Curves), and the Wellness room.