Friday, September 24, 2010

YOU are the best nurse you can have!

Recently, after weeks of feeling bad and having strange things happen to me, I decided to have blood work drawn. It showed some things but they didn't do everything that I wanted, so here's my arm, stick me again!

At my specific request, I discovered that my D and B levels were low. All part of auto-immune problems and are common and to be expected. But- they would not have even looked at those if I had not requested it! They should know this has to be looked after!

Well, what was even more mind boggling to me was that when dumb ole me spoke to the well educated physician about cod liver oil for the D, he said I couldn't get D from it, only E! WHAT!?!?!

I wanted to argue the point but hey- he had his handy dandy computer in front of him and it told him so!
But- don't put it past me to take a bottle in when I go back for the results of my next requested test!


Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

Don't you know he'd rather PRESCRIBE something for your D levels?

So sorry you're feeling less than par. Hope you get a regimen going & feel better soon.

Donna said...

You are EXACTLY right!

And not only that- he wanted to know if I needed any anti-depressants! I said "no thanks, I'm really very happy with keeping my own mind, and I've decided to control myself, rather than take a drug that will make me not care!"

Why do they want to drug us all?