Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bean Dips....

I love beans and so does everyone in my family. I think I'm lucky that way! ;-)

When I have enough leftovers, they are a side at the next meal, but when I just have dabs.... oh, I just can't think of throwing them out! Especially if I've soaked them for one day and cooked them for another- and if I've used my precious bone broth in them- NO WAY are they going in the trash!

Well, some types, depending on how soft they've cooked up, can go in the freezer to be tossed in soups or used in 'bean salsa' over salads and as sides.

But, when the beans are already soft, why not just mash 'em all up?!?!
a la bean dip!

You can use any bean for this and add spices, leave plain, or blend in other veggies, sauces, or cheeses.

You can spread them on tortilla chips (which can be made from cut and baked corn tortillas to keep frugal/pantry), dip veggies in, spread in layered casseroles like baked nachos etc, use them in wraps in place in the place of meat topped with cheese and lettuce or whatever you have on hand (quick-fix meal!), use as a side on some lettuce topped with cheese and/or sauce, etc.

You can add leftovers to soups, meatloaves, etc. to stretch and add flavor and fiber.

Above is chili-beans, so they will make a good tortilla chip dip!

But the possibilities are endless as far as using them up, making a quick snack, and not wasting! And again- any bean will work!!!!

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Joy said...

Great idea!! Now if I could only make good tortillas not fluffy thick ones, seems I can't roll them out thin enough! LOL!

Donna said...

I have the same trouble!

One of these days....I want a press!