Monday, February 21, 2011


Welcome to Menu Plan Monday! Please see my notes at the bottom about "looping" and once-a-month-shopping tips!

BREAKFAST CHOICES: breakfast sandwiches and pumpkin pancakes from the freezer, Basic Vanilla Granola over homemade strawberry yogurt, Fancy Vanilla Granola and milk, bug oats, etc

- BBQ chicken legs, salad, chocolates
- beef and shrimp frugal stir fry over brown rice*, granola
snacks: nuts, grapes

-snack lunch: boiled eggs, mustard, carrot sticks, cottage cheese veggie dip, grapes (for kids)
later in the day when we had time, I pan fried leftover fish and reheated rice* for me and dh
-scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, brown rice pudding*, sliced oranges
snacks:  nuts, Cinnamon-raisin muffins

-white beans* and fat back, cornbread, turnip greens, apple crisp (from orchard apples from the freezer)
-Beefaroni, salad, broccoli , fruit salad
snacks: raspberry cream shakes*, natural peanut butter and crackers

-leftover white beans*, cornbread, greens, sour gummy worms
-Maple-Dijon chicken legs, sweet potatoes, green salad, canned pineapples w/raisins
snacks: frozen raspberry ice cream pops (leftover cream shakes above)*, popcorn with butter

- 15bean soup, cornbread muffins, Honey-Wheat chocolate chip muffins
- Italian baked chicken, lima beans, green salad, hot fudge pudding cake (this rocks!even w/ no extra toppings, but you can serve with ice cream or whipped topping)
snacks: bean patties with hot sauce and cheese, cranberry slushie

- Lemon pepper salmon, green salad, slaw*, rugelach
-Dump Chicken Thighs, speckled butter beans, layered salad, Lemon Zest Cookies
snacks: cookies, yogurt berry smoothie topped w/granola

-Salmon Loaf, slaw*, green salad, Pumpkin Cake Muffins  (from freezer pumpkin)
-Spaghetti and meatballs, french bread*, homemade ice cream
snacks: toasted homemade bread with peanut butter and/or homemade jelly, carrots and dip
*When you see that little mark beside something, it means I'm "looping it".
Looping it, is what I call making enough to have leftovers to use over the next day or two in other meals or snacks.(EX. The brown rice on Saturday was used in 3 meals. French Bread will be made on Friday that will likely be Pizza Bread on Saturday!)
**Notice also, with my once a month shopping that the fresh fruit is running low this last week of the month. But not to despair- this is where the dried fruits and frozen berries will make up for what's not in the fridge! When cranberries went on sale, I bought some for the freezer. Makes great slushies and cranberry sauce. There's also other berries in the freezer, bought in bulk from our Cash-n-Carry, along with apples that I froze when I bought several bushels from the orchard in the fall. In the pantry, there still remains a few home-canned fruits, pears and applesauce, and jellies. -These fill in the gaps when the fresh fruits are gone!  


Julianna said...

WOW! I want to eat at your house! This is amazingly planned out.
Can't wait to read more of your blog

Donna said...

Thank U Julianna.
Sure - bring your crew and come right on! We'll have supper done up in no time! ;-)