Thursday, February 17, 2011

What I did with those peppers I strung from the garden..achooo !

You remember me telling you that you could string your peppers and they would dry and turn red all by themselves?

Well here they are!

And this time I ground up a really big batch of them! (In the past it has been small batches in my mini-processor with a nice tight lid. The lid part is on!)

Well, may I suggest, that if you do a big batch of these yourselves, in a big processor with a nice chute that 'gets some air'...that you take it outside to do this?!?!?!?!?

Yes. Got a plug in on the front porch? No? Run an extension cord!
Trust me- it is well-worth the trouble!

I sneezed, I coughed, my eyes flowed with uncontrollable tears and even after I stopped the machine..I had to wait about 45 minutes to enter the kitchen without coughing.....BUT...I did have some fun with the know, just to see if they had the same experience upon entering the kitchen :-)

They had been playing a game downstairs and as soon as they started up the stairway--- coughing!

I said, "Would you guys go in the kitchen and see if you smell anything funny?" (You can't really smell it but your whole respiratory system will KNOW its there!)

Hmm- whaddayaknow? Same experience!


Nevertheless, if you have a tightly lidded machine- you won't have this trouble (except when you open it, do dump quickly into the Ziploc! And I wouldn't blame you one bit if you did that out on your porch!).

But this adds a nice kick to any Mexican dish, meatloaves, sprinkled across oven-fried chicken, BBQ chicken, even pizza.

Was it worth the trouble? Absolutely! Free seasoning from my own garden- can't beat it!


Frugal in Florida said...

hehe...that reminds me of the shrimp boil with Tabasco Pulp. Sucked the oxygen right out of the air. Now we boil the water outside on the grill and cook the shrimp here. was a little frightning! PS...enjoying the site, came over from MPM.

Donna said...

Thanks 4 posting!
Tabasco Pulp- oh wow!

note to self: NO TP in the experiments in the kitchen!