Friday, February 18, 2011

The Frugal Turkey!

Crazy name for a post? Yes, I know.

But, looking in my freezer today at my 20lb $10 turkey, I started to brainstorm about the wonders of The Frugal Turkey!

Meat has become VERY expensive lately...'cept for The Frugal Turkey! I'm finding that they are hiding in strange places, cheap!

Do you know how many meals you could get out of one turkey????? Especially for a normal-sized family????
(mom+dad+2 to 3 kids....that is about normal, right?:)

Well, think about it! The Frugal Turkey, weighing in at 20lbs, could feed a family for 7 to 10 days of suppers!! Yes, it would have to be stretched and it wouldn't be meals like Thanksgiving but if you made some casseroles, wraps, soups (boil his carcass dry!-- for yummy, nourishing bone broth!),  and anything else you normally would do with your chicken or even some ground beef dishes, you could really make The Frugal Turkey go far!

Season shredded turkey and toss on a homemade bun, shred more and use sparingly over rice with a gravy made from the drippings or broth, ...and don't forget, you can always pluck The Frugal Turkey's skin off(B4 baking) and render it so as to collect the fat. The fat can be used similar to lard or butter. Its great for sauteing onions and using as a starter for a gravy for the turkey.

But don't stop there in thinking about meals with The Frugal Turkey. Consider your Frugal Veggie Buddies to go with him! Do you know them? Yeah, they're like Mr.Potato Head, Clyde the Cabbage, and Carl the Carrot....oh and sometimes Trent the Turnip is pretty cheap too!

Have I got you considering The Frugal Turkey now? He's a fine, featherless the frugal kitchen!

Happy Frugal Fridays! Feel free to post more ideas for those of us who invite The Frugal Turkey over several times throughout the year! Oh and - if you're lookin' for the best way to cook The Frugal Turkey, check out Brandy's instructions and she's got some wonderful links on what to cook with him there too!

Isn't he just the cutest?
Wait'il  I get 'im on the table!


Joy said...

Love this post!! I still haven't bought any frugal turkeys..need to remember to check on them when I have to run BACK to town tomorrow!

Donna said...

IGA had them when I was there last in the far corner!

Kroger and Algood Walmart sometimes will have them cheap right now too!

Love The Frugal Turkey! ;-)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I defrost my turkey. Cut it up. Cook the back in a pot on the stove for stock, cook the wings and legs in the oven for yummy crispy skin, cook the thighs and breast in the crockpot for more broth and super tender, juicy meat to add to almost anything. Then I package it all up in freezer bags and I have cooked meat at the ready for whatever meal I decide to cook. Love low cost turkey!!

Donna said...

Great tips! Thanks for posting.
Got recipe ideas too?

The Prudent Homemaker said...

I cooked a turkey last week! We had a lemon basil pasta with turkey and chard in it for dinner last night, using chard and lemon from the garden.