Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Need more REAL calcium? Me too!

Bone density-- - - - big issue these days.
If problems run in your family, you can prepare and begin to fight back against genetics.
If you already have issues- you're already in the battle so saddle up!

I don't know about you, but it bugs me a little to pop a calcium pill that I fret may have come from chalk.
(Makes for lovely brittle bones- ewww yeah, just what I need  -not.)

Some of the other sources are just CRAZY expensive so- what's a frugal, bone-density-fighting gal to do?

Look for frugal natural sources, of course!

I love bone broths but that's not always easy as it is a process and I'm having a difficult time getting beef bones (Oh how I love beef bone broth- especially if there's marrow! Oh!) and chicken broth can get o-l-d!  And there's only so much milk a gal can drink- lest I become a cow myself! Hmmp!

So when I saw a recipe in the Bulk Herb flier for this- I got excited!!!  And its super easy.

I used more shells than she did though. She says use 4to5. I used about 10 or 12. Well? Perhaps I'll get a little more with a little less effort! (You can get too much calcium- so be aware of that- some of us just need more so we can take in a little more than others can.)

You crush them some, pour 2 cups of boiling hot water over them, a teaspoon of real lemon juice or vinegar in and allow them to soak, covered until they cool. Strain. Easy peasy!

She says to: Take a sip of the liquid one or two times a  day. Just because it works does not mean you should take more than you need. So, slowly up your doses until pain is gone, but after that, do not keep upping it. some of us need more calcium than others, but remember our bodies cannot handle too much calcium.
See how milky?
Remember- I'm not a medical professional.
It is wise to do your own research and start any home remedy slowly and perhaps even consult with your physician in some instances.


Ma said...

I'm definitely trying this thanks so much for posting.

Do you wash out the egg shells or just throw them in excess goo and all?

Donna said...


Yes, I do rinse them out first, but I doubt it all comes out because you can see some particles floating that settle to the bottom.

I have come to really like this...its kinda silly, but I even like the taste!