Monday, April 4, 2011

Homemade Violet Jelly

The liquid from straining the flowers is a beautiful violet shade- however...

..Once you add the lemon juice, it changes to an almost pink color. It's the prettiest jelly I think I've ever made!

This jelly is so delightful- and frugal!

Its super easy to make- the hardest part is picking the flowers!

To start:
2 heaping cups of violets, just the flowers-no stems
Cover with 4 cups boiling hot water in stainless steel, covered overnight.

Strain off 4 cups of violet water.

In large pot whisk;
4 cups of violet water
juice of one lemon (this will change the color)
1 pkg of Sure-Jell

Bring to full boil.

Add 5 cups sugar.

Return to boil and boil 1 minute, stirring constantly and reducing the heat slightly to keep it from boiling over.

Ladle into jars. Invert jars and allow to cool.
Or water can to insure the best seal!
Makes 4 pints.


Loretta & Amanda said...

This looks and sounds delightful. I've made dandelion syrup, but I've never made violet jelly.

Donna said...

Sounds yummy!I've never made the syrup- bet its great!
I hope to make up some dandelion jelly soon!

Joy said...

It is the prettiest Jelly I have ever seen!!

Donna said...

Thank U Joy!

I got this one right! It wasn't so thick like before, lol.

I ate it on sourdough pancakes this morning- yum!