Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Scripture a Day Keeps the Zombie Away....

Our newest "game"! ....This my latest attempt to make memorizing Scripture fun...and mandatory!

After school work is complete, my kids almost turn into zombies trying to get to their video games- ugh!
Well, they get 1 big hour on it a day, so to them, that's the most important hour of the day. Now we moms know that it isn't, but sometimes its okay to wait until they figure some things out. In the meantime, I'm gonna make them do something that REALLY IS one of the most important things in life- in order to get that hour on their game! ;-)

Yep- a Scripture a Day Keeps the Zombie Away!
They have to tell me ONE Bible verse, by memory, EVERY day in order to get that hour.

-You don't know your verse? You don't play.
-You grumble and complain? You write the verse multiple times ...and you don't play.

Simple enough, huh?

I used an Awana system online to print the KJV Memory Verse Cards.
Here's one, and here's another.

You'll notice some are longer than others, so if you have littles, you can adjust the cards accordingly. I printed both lists, for each child. (Remember moms- if your child can talk, they can memorize Scripture!)

Each child has an envelope and a Ziploc bag. The envelope holds the cards that they haven't yet memorized. Once they are memorized, they are to fold them and/or check mark them and put them in the ziploc bag, along with the paper envelope. Every 1 to 2 weeks, they can take 5 minutes and go back over the ones they've learned. This will help keep them locked in!

So- you girls wanna play A Scripture a Day Keeps the Zombie Away? ....And by all means change the name to suit your kids' fancy!

Scavenger Hunt: Here is a link to your third special My Memories Link! Have fun!


Donna said...


alecat said...

Great idea .. and prioritising it before tv/computer time is something we advocate here too. :)

Donna said...

Thanks Alecat!
So far, it seems to be working great!

Amazing how quickly they can memorize! ;-)