Monday, May 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday:

-my frugal tip for the week- cook at least one big pot of beans every week!

-bagels and cream cheese
-Sliced Roast Beef on Homemade Buttermilk Buns, celery and carrot sticks, orange bread
- white beans w/ ham, cornbread, collard greens, German Chocolate Cake
snacks: sliced apples, pretzels

- bagels and cream cheese
- ham-beans and cornbread, berry-greens smoothie
- ham-beans, fried potatoes-n-onions, cornbread, cake
snacks: cornbread, sliced apples

- Oatmeal and berries
- hamburgers, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, canned pineapple
- Oven-fried chicken legs, leftover beans, cole slaw, sliced oranges
snacks: juiced apples and carrots, buttered popcorn

-Orange-cranberry Whole Wheat muffins, fried eggs
- leftover beans, cornbread, sauteed zucchini-onions-peppers, berry crisp
- Monkey Meat on flatbread, cultured raisin chutney, fruit salad
snacks: muffins, sliced apples

- kid's choice
- Salmon loaf, peas and carrots, baked potatoes, applesauce pudding
- Chicken Fajitas, side salad,chocolate pudding
snacks: sliced apples, frozen pudding pops

- Homemade french toast sticks from the freezer
- Frittata, green salad, seasoned brown rice, carrot-fruit salad
- Poor Man's Steak w/mushroom gravy, layered salad, BBQ potatoes, Pina Colada pops
snacks: baked apples, almonds and raisins

- Smores Oatmeal
- Taco Casserole, green salad, refried beans and rice, frozen juice pops
- Chicken and dumplings,cornbread, purple hull peas, buttered corn, peach cobbler
snacks: Lemon-Blueberry Cheesecake Bars, sliced apples


Anonymous said...

found you through the orgjunkie link up :) Love your seasonal produce list on your side bar! I need to figure out how to set one of those up on my blog, for what's in season in my area!

Donna said...

Thank you Sara,

It is a little tricky to find.

Go to 'design'---'add a gadget'--- in that box, there's only 24 but on the left side there's a tab called 'more gadgets'.

It's in there...but there's over a thousand of them to sift through!

Arlee Girl said...

I have a pot of black eyed peas on the stove for us to have this week. It's funny that my kids like them more than I do but with lots of tobasco they are good.
I love the bean a week idea.

Donna said...

Arlee girl,
That's funny! -cuz black eyed peas are - well- strong flavored. Tobasco? Sounds yummy!

My kids can't figure out why TV makes lima beans sound SO bad... they love them!